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Sing a song to them

December 8, 2012

Sing a song to them


What is the best remedy for a toddler’s sleeplessness? Every mother knows  the answer- yes. It is a song! Even the most music-shy other comes out with at least a hum to calm down her baby who is crying, or throwing tantrums. And the baby soon calms down, however hoarse the mother’s song sounds.

All children love songs, catchy tunes, rhyme and rhythm. This is true not only of little babies lying in their cradles, but also for older children long after they have outgrown lullabies. That is why age old, classic rhymes like ‘ Jack and Jill,’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty.’ Are still a hit  among the children. Quite often , the child may not even know what the words in a rhyme mean, yet they are enchanted by their lilting tune and rhythm.

The importance of tune and rhythms does not stop at entertaining children. In fact, they play an important role in the mental development of a child. Rhythm forms a basis for memory power, which is why children are able to memorise a song even if the meaning are strange to them.

 Songs provide the best method to pick up language. As the child, enchanted by the rhythm ,  repeats a song, they are  becoming familiar with new words and their usage. This is the first step in  learning a language.

 Songs also train children to listen and concentrate. In action songs, as they move their hands and fingers, and change facial  expressions,  children become familiar with various methods of communication. Rhymes also help to learn many things faster, like the alphabet and numbers.

Sing a song , and you can see a child’s eyes light up in joy. A song or a rhyme can  be great merry-maker and a great teaching tool.

There is no need for moms and dads to take up a nursery-rhyme book and start memorizing rhymes to entertain their children. You can sing about anything to your child., even the crackling of a hot dosa in the kitchen, or the bark of a dog!

 Source : Magic Pot

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