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Is it OK To Be Average?

December 24, 2012

Is it OK To Be Average?

Most  Parents are driven by an observation , these days- that their children should come first in everything.

  We are lilving in a competitive society that teaches our children  that they need to be in the top 5% to be any value. Aren’t we being too demanding of our children? Isn’t this all-or –nothing mentality putting too much strain on them? The fact is that we have to accept that being average is not always as bad as it is made out to be. Nobody can be perfect, and come first in all that they do. It is ok if one mediocre in some things.

 Just take a look around, andyou wiil be amazed at the number of children or people who are frustrated and depressed,trying to achieve perfection in every sphere of their activity. Just imagine how different their lives would be if they were able to find joy and excitement in  their work, instead of being obsessed with perfection and competition. Your child may show an intrest in drawing and colouring. But that is no reason for you to flaunt her as a child prodigy, and push her into all sorts of competations. It is good if she shows a  consistent intrest in winning contest. But if she  doesn’t it is always better to give priority to her enjoying the activity. Let her find enjoyment in her painting no matter how mediocre they are. This will definitely help in her overall development. It definitely is OK to be average, sometimes.

One important point here is to distinguish between potential and  passion, and how to balance the two. Potential is the possibility of success, and passion is the strong enthusiasm for a particular activity or idea. Sometimes children have potential in some areas, but their passion may lie elsewhere . The danger here is  that potential is often judged by others. A tall boy might have the potential to become a basketball player, but his passion may be in quite something else.

Of course, giving our children the tools to succeed is of great importance.But pushing them into achieving perfection is dofferent matter. Make it clear to children that it is OK to have intrest and to pursue them without having significant goals for those activities. Let children have the freedom to decided what kinds of activities bring excitement and enthusiasm to them.

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