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Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

January 8, 2013

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

Dear Friend,

Using imagination to create great things, to put an end to a trouble, to guide people through difficult situations, to overcome weaknesses has been a traditional practice. Great people have not achieved greatness, because they were born great, but because they made ample use of their splendid imagination. Had imagination not been at work, we would have gone on living like a savage. It is only imagination that made s capable us with all the knowledge we have today. Albert Einstein, the greatest of all modern scientists, said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination circles the world” Our imagination, in fact, provides us with the material that we need to march forward; imagination is the quality which enables us to visualize our success. It gives us the power to analyse in advance the problems that may crop up en route to the fulfillment of our goal.

            Suppose you have to address a very large group of people and you have not addressed them before. It may make you nervous, If you think of the situation without making use of your imagination. If you use visualization to go through the whole process in your mind’s eye, the thoughts will never disturb you and you can visualize all that you have to perform your visualization will include some of the following: your journey to the venue; the clothes you are going to wear the people you will have met during the course of the day; the layout of the room or hall; the appearance of the audience; the time of the day; the content of what you are going to tell the people you are to address; how you will be feeling. Besides, you will visualize the person who will introduce you; the type of microphone; the visual aids you will use. Once you reach the venue, you can sit in the auditorium and visualize yourself standing on the stage, making your introduction confidently and proceeding to make an excellent address, winning over a receptive and enthusiastic audience.

            In other words, you can train your mind to deal with and kind of so-called adverse situation by visualizing. If you are in the habit of writing “to do” lists, but never take action or follow the actions mentioned in the list, you must try visualization. Visualization is sure to come to your rescue and translate your efforts into success. You have to simply look at your list, priorities and focus on the first item on the list. You have to visualize each step of carrying out the action. By doing so, you can visualize the positive outcome. Visualize yourself having achieved the positive outcome.

            The more vividly you create an image of success, using visualization, the better chance you have of emerging victorious in your attempt. It is your imagination which prepares you for any competitive edge. Imagination helps you have a mental rehearsal of the things you have to or want to do. Mental rehearsal makes the unfamiliar look very familiar. Once you get familiar with the things that are quite unfamiliar, your nervousness disappears. It wards off all sorts of apprehension with regard to the tasks you have to accomplish.  In fact, your imagination it does wonders and ensures success. The great thinker, George Santayana had once said, “I have imagination and nothing that is real is alien to me.” Pablo Picasso, the great artist, put it in these words – “Everything you can imagine is real.”

            Wishing you imagination that can help you succeed.


From :- CSR Magazine


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