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Make the world safe for the children

January 16, 2013

Make the world safe for the children

All parent worry about the dangers their children might face. What makes this world so  unsafe for little children? The primary reason for this is that children have a limited sense of danger even after they grow more independent and capable.

A child might even think he is immortal and invincible, like a hero he sees on a cartoon channel. It would not be practical to inject direct doses of wisdom into these little bundles of energy. What can a parent do, then to keep the child safe?

 One obvious tip would be to keep the surroundings safe, as far as possible. Make sure the windows and doors are safe, for instance, and keep poisonous substances away.

 Make use of all available opportunities to teach the child about safety. While working in the kitchen, you can show him how to be careful while handling hot utensils ad knives. Children learn best by example, and elders should take care to act in a safe way themselves. For instance, if you lick away some jam left on a knife in your child’s presence, he is very likely to imitate it.

 Of course, you cannot protect your child all the time. Yet, you can reduce risks and avoid exposure to hazards, even while encouraging him to ‘grow up’. Let him become more independent in controlled circumstances. For example, you could allow him to handle simple tools like a screwdriver, or a pair of scissors under close supervision.

 A child should be made aware of the safety angle while dealing with strangers, too. However, avoid scare tactics as far as possible. It is the best for your  child to learn about safety without fear.

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