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Talk to Teachers

January 24, 2013

Talk to teachers


 Are you in the habit of meeting your child’s teacher regularly? Do you attend  parent teacher meetings in your child school?

The usual answer that one  hears from parents to these queries is , “ Where do we have  time to do all this?

Educationalists and child psychologists say that it is high time we changed  this attitude, For a fruitful education system, the teacher- parent equation should be  effective.

It is  true that most parents find it  difficult to develop a report with their  child’s teachers. But teachers by the very nature of their job, observe children more closely than parents. So, they have many relevant inputs and suggestions  to share with parents,. But unfortunately, the school diary often function as an intermediary between the teacher and the parents, Teachers are forced to note down in the school diary can never replace a frank, face to face talk.

 Teacher also sometimes convey their  messages through children themselves. But we cannot expect little children to pass on accurately all such messages to their parents  at home. It is therefore essential for parents to meet their child’s teacher, once in a month. Try to take the child to school personally, at least once in a while. This will help you to understand how he behaves in the school environment.

If it is not practical to take the child to school, then try to attend the PTA meetings, These days, many schools provide an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teacher’s before classes actually begin.

Make use of such golden opportunities, since teachers are vital in a fruitful education  system.

 Magic Pot 19th December 2012


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