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Learning to think

February 8, 2013

Learning to think

The most valuable of all the skills that your child needs is the skill of logical thinking. And yes , you as a parent can help a lot in developing this skill, through giving conscious guidance. We often associate the very word ‘thinking’ with silence. In adult life, most thinking goes on silently in  your head. But if you are planning to help your child develop his thinking skills, you have to learn to talk through your thinking. Let’s say, foe example, that you are rearranging your living room. You could let your child get an idea of what is going on in your head by giving a running commentary such as , “ let me see…this side table here is blocking the way, I will move it to that corner.

 Wow! That painting would look good here! As you know, children learn through watching, listening, and imitating. Make your self a model for his thinking process. In the same way , you could encourage him to talk about how he is going to solve a problem. Encourage thinking in every possible way. For instance, if the child asks a question, first ask him, “ What do you think?” If you come up readily with an answer always, he will come to think that problems are for other people to answer or solve. Encourage your child to take part in family discussions. Children should  also develop the ability to see other points of view. By nature, children see themselves as the centre of the world. Help them to think about what it would be like to be someone else’s place.

Another tip would be to play games that use a lot mental imagery. Almost half the brain’s capacity is taken up in processing visual images. The ability to think logically is Man’s greatest asset. With a little effort, you can also make thinking a creative and delightful experience for your child.

Source : Magic Pot

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