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Creativity – The Mind’s extra edge

February 12, 2013

Creativity – The Mind’s extra edge

 Is your child creative?

This is an important question, because creativity is, perhaps, the single most important attribute a child needs to have , to scale the heights of success.

It is tricky question, to because one often associate the word creativity with artistic skills. This is not true. Your child can very well be creative , even if she does not draw well, or stack her building blodks neatly. In fact, creativity is all about how imaginatively one uses one’s mind, and our world is made and transformed by original thinking done by highly creative minds. Guide your child to think in ovel and creative ways, and alf the battle is won. Here are some tips:

 1 Help your child find her own soluations to problems . For instance, if a couple of pieces are missing from a board game, encourage her to find easy-to – get alternatives.

 2 Mix thing up tp prod the child’s thinking faculty. For instance, you could give new endings to old and familiar stories. Or take new routes while taking her to familiar places.

 3 Give more importance to toys that are not mechanically operated, but which the child can use more imaginatively. You could ask her to  find new uses for old,discarded toys.

 Apart from all this , there is one more important point- please do not force your own personal passions upon the child. Your child is an individual own her own, with her own intrests and ideas. As a parent, your duty is to identify her passions and see how they can aid in developing creativity.

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