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Let’s Check your Knowledge-15

February 14, 2013

Let’s Check your Knowledge-15

( For Primary Children)

1 Name the first Indian to become Miss World.

a) Sushmita Sen       b) Reita Faria

2 Which country suffered from Tsunami volcanic eruption in October 2010?

a)Japan & Chile            b) China & Thailand        c) Indonesia

3 What is the taste of sea –water?

a)Sweet                 b) Salty            c) Bitter

4What is the force which pulls us to the Earth, called?

a) Gravity             b)Force            c)Oxygen

5 The bones in our body, chalk pieces, milk and lime are rich in which of these substances?

a) Salt                b) Water               c) Calcium 

6 How many seconds make up an hour of clock time?

a) 600                b)  3600               c)1800

7 The highest mountain in the world?

a) Mt. Fuji            b) Mt. Everest          c)    Mt. K2

8 Complete the name of train introduced by Indian Railways: Garib ________

a) Rath               b) Amir               c) Train

9 In 2008, which river was declared the ‘National River of India’?

a) Ganga                       b)  Yamuna                  c)  Tapi

10 Which team does Mahendra Singh Dhoni captain in the IPL?

a) Kolkata Knight Riders    b) Chennai Super Kings     c) Delhi Dare Devil


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