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Developing the good memory

March 8, 2013

 Developing the good memory


A good memory is a vital  building block for success. And We can do lot to develop this faculty in a child, right from a young age.

Memory is the ability to store and recall information I your brain. Perhaps the first keyword in developing  memory is ‘association’. We remember something more easily if it is associated with something ealse. This is because the brain seems to organize itself by linking  different ides AND IMAGES. For example, when you hear the word ‘ CAT’ many different related words or images come to your mind, like lion tiger, whiskers, the mewing sound etc. Teaching and encouraging the skill of associating things in this manner would be a great asset in strengthening memory power. Get your child used to seeing the connections between things. 

Another vital points is that  the brain stores information best, when the information is lnked to dofferent sense. Help the child develop the habit of ‘understanding’ a thing through more tan one sense . For instance, while eating an apple help him notice how beautiful its colour looks, how smooth it is to touch, What a distinct smell it has, etc.

  Good concentration and observation is also vital for good memory. You could make an attempt to get your child used to looking carefullr at thing, and making strong mental pictures. We also remember well when we are emotionally involved. Therefore, it is vital to bring in elements of joy and deliht while learning, to develop positive associations. For example, you should try to make up intresting stories while teaching new words to a child. Proper rhythum and music too are effective aids to develop good memory.


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