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Let’s check your knowledge :16

March 10, 2013


1. What is the density of graphite?

A. 2.3 gr/cc
B. 2.2 gr/cc
C. 2.1 gr/cc
D. 2.9 gr/cc

2. The outermost layer of the sun is called as

A. Mattle
B. Matrix
C. Corona
D. Core

3. From which Instrument the location of submarines is detected?

A. Sonar
B. Rodar
C. Mariners Compass
D. Monomete
4. The planet that has very less mass

A. Venus
B. Earth
C. Saturn
D. Mercury

5. What is the voltage of a car battery?

A. 12 volts
B. 8 volts
C. 10 volts
D. 14 volts

6. Which rays has the highest frequency?

A. Beta Ray
B. Gamma Ray
C. Sun Rays
D. Alpha Ray

7. Which is the elephant used by India for nuclear explosion?

A. Uranium
B. Fran cesium
C. Plutonium
D. Lithium

8. Which halogen does not form oxy acid?

A. Chlorine
B. Fluorine
C. Bromine
D. Iodine

9. Who discovered nitrous oxide or laughing gas?

A. Sir Isaac Newton
B. Paul Berg
C. Sir Humphery Davy
D. Roals Haff Mann

10. Who is the first chairman of Atomic energy commission of India?

A. Ramsay
B. Homi J. Bhabha
C. Balard
D. Seaborg

11. Which is the solvent of wax?

A. Chloroform
B. Ether
C. Alcohol
D. Turpentine

12. The person who found the corpuscular theory of light

A. Faraday
B. Newton
C. Einstein’
D. Galileo

13. Who discovered virus first?

A. Carolus Linnacus
B. Iwanowsky
C. Halstein
D. Balbiani

14. He was awarded the noble prize for dark reaction

A. Black Mann
B. Meloin Calvin
C. Kuckert
D. Rober T Hooke

15. Which tree has the life span of 4000 years?

A. Neem
B. Gnetum
C. Mango
D. Pine

16. In which colour of the light the maximum amount of photosynthesis takes place

A. Red
B. Blue
C. Green
D. Yellow

17. What is the average weight of the adult human brain?

A. 2000gms
B. 1400gms
C. 1500gms
D. 1450gms

18. What is the life of a red blood cell?

A. 120
B. 80
C. 70
D. 50


1. 2.2 gr/cc
2. Corona
3. Sonar
4. Mercury
5. 12 volts
6. Gamma rays
7. Plutorium
8. Fluorine
9. Sir Humphery Davy
10. Homi J Bhabha
11. Turpentine
12. Newton
13. Iwanowsky
14. Meloin Calvin
15. Gnetum
16. Red
17. 1400gms
18. 120 days




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