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Develop a Scientific bent

March 16, 2013

Develop a Scientific bent


We live in a world where science rules supreme. It obviously follows that a child stands to benefit if he learns the basic skills of scientific thinking early. ‘Scientific thinking’. Here refers to a way of looking at things and learning and thinking logically, rather than specific branches of  science like physics, chemistry etc.

 Parents can help greatly in developing a scientific bent in a child’s way of thinking. All you need to do basically is provide some thought-provoking ideas, because the essence of science is wondering and experimenting.

Let us take a look at some characteristics of the scientific way of thinking. :

 1 Close observation;

2 Comparing and classifying things;

3 Doing experiments;

4 Wondering how things work.

 You can foster interests like these in many small ways. For example, encourage your child to enjoy nature. Not just when you spend time in the garden, but all the time. Get him a magnifying glass, and share his joy in observing things through it. A magnet too, is an ideal gift to install curiosity, and an eagerness to experiment. You might even make a game out of the magnet’s ability to make some things move.

Simple observation games can be devised too, like classifying flowers of the same color. Or watching armies of ants marching along. Of course, these are only a few tips, and you can definitely think up any number of delightful means to instill in your child the skills of sharp observation, reasoning and analytical thinking.

Source : Magic Pot


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