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How do they See?

April 8, 2013

How do they See ?

How clearly does your child see thing? Are they able to see things that are beyond three meters correctly? You can check whether your child’s vision is normal or not. Here are some tips.

 1 To test  response to movement, move an object rapidly across your baby’s field of vision. Your baby should be able to follow a rapidly moving object with his eyes, without turning his head.

 2 To  test the clarity of vision, make two identical sets, of the seven letters- O, H, X, A, V, T, U, on cardboard pieces. Give one set to your child. Then, sit three metres away from the child, hold up a letter, and ask your child to show the same letter from his cards. After testing both eyes, have your child cover one of his eyes at a time then repeat the test for each eye. The majority of three yrar olds can match the five simple letter shapes. A few two year olds can do this test, but many  confuse V and X. rthe majority of four year olds can match seven letters.

3 Near vision can be tested by asking your child to pick up very small things ranging from mustard balls to peanuts.

 Colour blidness can be tested using coloured blocks. Ask your child to select different colours. If he does not know his colours yet, show him an example, and ask him to follow, choosing red when you choose red.

From three years on, just request the colour. Your child should be able to pick out the appropriate colours.

If the child persistently errs on the red or green, particularly if a boy, suspect colour blidness. This is most prevalent in boys. Red-green colour blidness is the most common. To a colour blind person, these become muddy shades of brown.

 Source : Magic Pot

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