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Let Children Play Every Day

April 16, 2013

Let Children Paly Every Day

For children , play is vital and next to the air they breathe. It gives them an opportunity to interact effectively with their peers and environment. Development of children in various  spheres such as physical , intellectual , social , linguistic and emotional is very much interrelated and interdependent. This development is continuous and cumulative and is a base for later development in children.

Playing alone or with another or in group, helps the physical growth and mental development of a child. A healthy child is generally found to be intellectually and socially active. Languages are learned easily and naturally while playing games in groups. For Example, children who live in military quarters usually learn languages of other states in India very easily.

On any pretext, putting restrictions on children playing is a great injustice. It is a fact that they are not getting enough time to play at school everyday. Cutting short or taking away their physical education or games periods is great cruetlt to them. If parents deny their right to play, it is as bad as denying their right to grow and develop. But at the same time, there is  nothing wrong in placing restrictions on duration and time of play. In general, evening is the ideal time for playing games.

For children, playing is like water and manure are for plants. Children who rarely play with their peer groups tend to be socially immature and emotionally insecure. Various social and emotional qualities develop as a result of their participation on games and group activities develop as a result of their participation in games and group actvities. When students follow rules of games, they also learn to follow rules of the society, which it turn will bring  discipline in their lives. There is a misconception among some parents that it they discourage children from playing, they will utilize that time also for studies. This is not true. They will concentrate on studies  only if they play every day, even on the days of examination. It reduces stress and gives more vigour and vitality. Hence, let us encourage them to play.

 Source : Magic Pot

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