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Spend ‘Quality time’ with your children

July 8, 2013

Spend ‘Quality time’ with your children

 Do you spend time with your child? Most of you will answer. ,yes’ , of course.’ then here’s another question. How do you spend time with your children? The keyword in this question is ‘how’ the amount of time we spend with our child is important, but the quality of that time is far more important.

There is no specific guideline for this. But you can do some basic things. First , talk to your children lot., and listen to what they have to say. They have a lot to speak about and share with you, if you play the role of patient listener. There are events from school, and tales about friend and their activities. Encourage them to speak up, thus allowing them to develop their communication and imaginative skills.

 Mealtime provide excellent opportunities to spend quality time with children. Make eating a fun time activity, by sitting down together as a family, and sharing the food.

Going for walks with your children can also an enriching experience. Let them see the marvels of nature, and explore things by themselves. Each and every new things a child encounters around him will be novel and interesting.

Magic  Pot will definitely help both the parents and child to spend quality time together. Read out stories and rhymes to them. As a story is being read out, a child not only absorbs the content of the story, but also savours his parent’s affection. Shown him the pictures, and explain the events in the story. This activity will gradually guide the child into the wonderful world of books and knowledge.

 Remember, every minute you spend with your child is a glorious gift to both the parents and the child. Don’t miss the.

( Magic pot magazine- 12 december2012)


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