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Death Comes As The End

April 2, 2014

Death Comes As The End

– Agatha Christie

Death Comes As The End

  Death Comes as the End is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie which is the only one of Christie’s novels not to be set in the 20th century but in 2000 BC ancient Egypt. And even the description of the environment and the characters is based on actual archeological data. The novel is based on some real letters from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom period.It is an exciting thriller and a historic novel at the same time.

The novel is primarily written from the perspective of Renisenb, a young widow who is just reacquainting herself with her family. Renisenb’s house- The household of the priest(her father Imhotep), who is depicted not as a sacred personage, but as a humdrum landowner brings Nofret into their lives. And suddenly due to Nofret deeds everyone has a motive to kill her and when she is found dead at the foot of a cliff, an accident seems unlikely.Later several other members of the family follow her, and the surviving people are getting more and more suspicious. They suspect each other, the atmosphere is getting more and more unsupportable. The biggest fact that all the suspects are the family members servants and close friends.

The story is painted delicately. She always kept her plots simple, at any given point through one’s reading, one feels that the end can be correctly guessed but almost always it happens to be an anti-climax. Her talent to develop the plot as well as the characters in the story is commendable. With her special archaeological equipment, Mrs. Christie makes you feel just as much at home on the Nile in 1945 B.C. as if she were bombarding you with false clues in a chintz-covered drawing room. But she has not merely changed scenes; her reconstruction is vivid. The writing flows smoothly and well. Each character has their own personality, and different aspects of their personality become more obvious under the stress of the situation – it all seems very natural and realistic. Everyone becomes a suspect for different reasons.

The opportunity of reading this book can’t be missed as it portrays how our perceptions force us to make decisions in our life.


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