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Reading for a pleasure

January 14, 2018

Reading for a pleasure

They are various ways in which pleasure may be derived. It may be  pleasure of eating delicious food. Listening to music of your taste, sitting in the cool shade of a tree and enjoying the beauty of nature, inhaling the fragrance of flowers or simply delighting in the soft touch of petals. These basically are pleasure of the senses. Reading, however, is an intellectual pleasure and should be nurtured from     an early age. Learning the truths of science or watching a good drama are also forms of intellectual pleasure or  watching a good drama are also forms of intellectual pleasure. Intellectual pleasures are the least harmful and so a wise person does not care for the pleasures of the senses. The cheapest and easiest intellectual pleasure is reading. There are various  elements that make reading a pleasure. The reader may appreciate the style of the author, the language skills used in expressing ideas, the arrangement of ideas, the logical sequence of thoughts or the thoughts themselves may be appealing. All these may be combined in what is today known as ‘Best Sellers’. The pleasures of reading are truly in exhaustible, as there are a variety of books to cater to the needs of the reader in the form of essay, novels, dramas, poems and speeches. A person may take delight in reading again and again descriptive passages in Macaulay’s essays. It might be the pleasure of another to read the poem of Shelly or Wordsworth.

The sages of old recommend whenever you feel dejected, depresses, under the weather, get into the company of great authors and read their books, Books can be your never failing friends as they can never get you into trouble.

Reading , however , can become a mere indulgence if it goes to the extent of interfering with one’s proper work. It is known that some people waste their time by reading ‘catchpenny’ novels, so a taste for good reading must be properly formed.


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