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World Book Day

March 23, 2018





April  23rd. has been celebrated as world Book Day every year since 1995.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific an cultural organization (UNESCO)

Decided to celebrate this day to promote reading, publishing and copyrighting across the world April 23 is a historically significant day as it was on this day. In 1923, that the  first book was published, in spain. This day is aso celebrated to honour great authors llike Inca Garcilaso de Vega and William Sjhakespeare, who died on this date.

Reading can change people’s lives and perspective. Here’s why you should read more?

Reading is similar to solving puzzles or riddles- It helps to keep the brain active.

According to studies, reading is similar to solving puzzles or riddles.- it helps to keep the brain active.

According to studies, reading reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as it improves memory.

Reading controls stress levels and helps one relex. A good book can transport you to a different world and can distract you from all your worries.

Reading improves your vocabulary. It teaches you new words and gives you a wide range of information.

Reading boots your confidence and helps you focus on larger things in life.

Why should children Read?

From what I’ve seen , both as a parent and as a teacher, helping children develop

Reading skills is important because reading is the basic foundation for learning. Children who are good readers do, more often that not, get off a good start at school and this, in turn, feeds and boots their confidence levels. This turn into one of those cycles that simply feed  and lead from one good thing to another. Good readers are more confident at tackling books at school, both in terms of reading and comprehension. Once that bond with books is formed, this relationship often lasts for a life time.

What books consistently do is stir, induce and inspire a child’s imaginations. This is an element that is so very essential to a child’s all round development, imagination being the very beginning of a child’s concept of abstract thought. Books also encourage children to imagine worlds other than our own – they encourage  them to imagine a totally different world and then fill that blank canvas in, with colours of their own.imagination and pretend play ( both of which books encourage children to do) also go a long way in helping them conquer their fears in many different situations.


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