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Library Collection


Library Collection
Sr. No. Name of Newspaper Language Periodicity
1 Times of India    English Daily
2 Indian Express   English Daily
3 The Hindu  English Daily
4 The Economic Times English Daily
5 Herald Hindi Daily
6 Loktej Hindi Daily
7 Gujarat Samachar Gujarati Daily
Sr. No. Name of Magazines Language Periodicity
1 Education Initiative (IX & X ) English Monthly
2 Education Initiative (XI & XII ) English Monthly
3 Physics for you English Monthly
4 Biology Today English Monthly
5 Maths Today English Monthly
6 Chemistry Today English Monthly
7 Maths Spectrum English Monthly
8 Biology Spectrum English Monthly
9 Physics Spectrum English Monthly
10 Chemistry Spectrum English Monthly
11 Kids Today English Weekly
12 Teacher plus English Monthly
13 Sports Star English Weekly
14 Parayan Vimarsh English Quarterly
15 Wisdom English Monthly
16 Teacher’s Net English Monthly
17 Yojana English Monthly
18 Gokulam English Fortnight
19 Education world English Monthly
20 PCM Children Magazine English Monthly
21 Yoga The Science English Quarterly
22 Navneet News House English Weekly
23 English Today English Monthly
24 Reader’s digest English Monthly
25 Magic Pot   English Fortnight
26 Tell Me Why English Monthly
27 Robin Age English Weekly
28 CW Children’s World English Monthly
29 Education Today ( IX & X) English Monthly
30 Education Today Plus ( XI & XII) English Monthly
31 India Today  English Weekly
32 Competition Successs Review English Monthly
33  GK Today English Monthly
34 Chandamama  English Monthly
35 Junior Chandamama English Monthly
36 Science Reporter English Monthly
37 Competition Science Vision English Monthly
38 Pratiyogita Darpan  Hindi Monthly
39 Samanya gyan Darpan  Hindi Monthly
40 Cricket Samrat  Hindi Monthly
41  Nanhey Samrat  Hindi Monthly
42 Champak  Hin. \ Eng. Fortnight
43 Suman Sourabh  Hindi Monthly

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