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New Arrivals

Sr.No. Book Name Author Publisher
1 The Adventures of Feluda The Curse of the Goddess Satyajit Ray Penguin Books
2 Mr. Mulliner Speakling Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
3 Hot Water Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
4 Right Ho, Jeeves Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
5 Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
6 Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
7 Carry On, Jeeves Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
8 Much Obliged, Jeeves Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
9 Ring for Jeeves Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
10 Piccadilly Jim Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
11 Blandings Castle Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
12 Summer Lightning Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
13 Young Men in Spats Wodehouse P.G. Arrow Books
14 Goosebumps – The Barking Ghost R.L. Stine Scholastic
15 Goosebumps – 30 YOU’RE PLANT FOOD! R.L. Stine Scholastic
16 Goosebumps – Attack of the Graveyard ghouls R.L. Stine Scholastic
17 Goosebumps – Why I’m Afraid of Bees R.L. Stine Scholastic
18 Goosebumps – Tick Tock, You’re Dead R.L. Stine Scholastic
19 Goosebumps – Wanted the Haunted Mask R.L. Stine Scholastic
20 Goosebumps – It came from beneath the sink! R.L. Stine Scholastic
21 Goosebumps – Monster Blood R.L. Stine Scholastic
22 Goosebumps – 26 alone in snakebite canyon R.L. Stine Scholastic
23 Goosebumps – Slappy’s nightmare R.L. Stine Scholastic
24 Goosebumps – A shocker on shock street R.L. Stine Scholastic
25 Goosebumps – The cuckoo clock of doom R.L. Stine Scholastic
26 Goosebumps – The Haunted School R.L. Stine Scholastic
27 Goosebumps – Go eat worms R.L. Stine Scholastic
28 Goosebumps – 31 the werewolf of twisted tree lodge R.L. Stine Scholastic
29 Goosebumps – The curse of camp cold lake R.L. Stine Scholastic
30 Goosebumps – The horror at camp jellyjam R.L. Stine Scholastic
31 Goosebumps – 17 little comic shop of horrors R.L. Stine Scholastic
32 Goosebumps – Calling all creeps R.L. Stine Scholastic
33 Goosebumps – Be careful what yu wish for… R.L. Stine Scholastic
34 Goosebumps – 33 it came from the internet R.L. Stine Scholastic
35 Goosebumps – The Haunted mask II R.L. Stine Scholastic
36 Goosebumps – the girl who cried monster R.L. Stine Scholastic
37 Goosebumps – Beware, the snowman R.L. Stine Scholastic
38 Goosebumps – Jekyll and Heidi R.L. Stine Scholastic
39 Goosebumps – The scarecrow walks at midnight R.L. Stine Scholastic
40 Goosebumps – How I got my shrunken Head R.L. Stine Scholastic
41 Goosebumps – Legend of the lost legend R.L. Stine Scholastic
42 Goosebumps – Say Cheese and Die! R.L. Stine Scholastic
43 Goosebumps – Inuasion of the Body Squeezers – 2 R.L. Stine Scholastic
44 Goosebumps – 28 night of a thousand claws R.L. Stine Scholastic
45 Goosebumps – 36 ship of ghouls R.L. Stine Scholastic
46 Goosebumps – bad hare day R.L. Stine Scholastic
47 Nighttime – Too scared to sleep Todd Strasser Scholastic
48 The Enemy of My Enemy A. Ruddra Scholastic
49 There’s a Ghost in My PC Payal Dhar Scholastic
50 This house is haunted Maureen Bayless Scholastic
51 Ghost Stories of an Antiquary M. R. James Scholastic
52 More ghost stories of an antiquary M. R. James Scholastic
53 Twelfth Night Shake Speare Scholastic
54 The Tempest Shake Speare Scholastic
55 Othello Shake Speare Scholastic
56 Macbeth Shake Speare Scholastic
57 A midsummer night’s dream Shake Speare Scholastic
58 The Merchant of Venice Shake Speare Scholastic
59 The Secrets of Droon – The Genie King Tony Abbott Scholastic
60 The Secrets of Droon – Crown of Wizards Tony Abbott Scholastic
61 The Secrets of Droon – Sorcerer Tony Abbott Scholastic
62 The Secrets of Droon – The Magic Escaps Tony Abbott Scholastic
63 Underworlds – When Monsters Escape Tony Abbott Scholastic
64 Magic Mirror – Book3: the tomb of time luther T sai and Nury Vittachi Scholastic
65 Who was Roald Dahl? True Kelley Scholastic
66 Mind Master – A Brainy Quiz Book Bal Phondke Scholastic
67 Mind Master – A Brainy Quiz Book Bal Phondke Scholastic
68 The Ultimate – Bournvita quiz contest Volume 1 – Book of knowledge Derek O’brien Rupa Pub.
69 Burmese Folktales stories from forgotten kingdoms Madhu Gurund Scholastic
70 Why the wagtail is so Tiny and other Indian Folktales Meera Uberoi Scholastic
71 The Maiden of the blue willow & other Japanese folktales Hema Pande Scholastic
72 Heidi Johanna Spyri Scholastic
73 Yearbook 2013 Scholastic
74 School Stories Paro Anand Scholastic
75 The Mudskipper Ovidia Yu Scholastic
76 Luka and the fire of life Salman Rushdie Scholastic
77 A Murder Is Announced Agastha Christie Scholastic
78 The 3 Mistakes of My Life Chetan Bhagat Rupa Pub.
79 the best days of my life Scharada Dubey Scholastic
80 Rangbhoomi Munshi Premchand Vishva books
81 Godaan Munshi Premchand Vishva books
82 Gora Rabindranath Tagore Vishva books
83 Parinita Sharadchandra C. Vishva books
84 Godaan Munshi Premchand Vishva books
85 Srikant Sharadchandra C. Vishva books
86 Hindi – Shabdkosh Rakeshnath Vishva books
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  1. Patricia permalink

    Hi my name is Patricia and I just wanted to drop you a quick message here. I came to your New Arrivals | Library @ Essar International School website and i liked your content and collection of school books.

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